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ShareOnVibe is at CeBIT

CeBIT-LogoThe CeBIT is coming up again – and ShareOnVibe will be around!

Starting on March 10th, Hanover will once more be hosting the world’s largest computer expo, with more than 4.000 companies presenting their services and products.

The conferences, keynotes and talks during the trade fair’s course will for the most part be centered around the topic Datability – the ability to use big amounts of data sustainably and responsibly – and the possibilities and challenges of working with big data. However, other topics like Social Business, Mobile or Trust & Security will be featured as well.

We address these aspects in our Services & Solutions, for example with enterprise solutions for secure and mobile-enabled file management or with social collaboration platforms focusing on shared content and collaborative working with documents.

In case you are around at CeBIT, don’t hesitate to visit our distributor inetra de in hall 9, booth A 40. If you’re interested in ShareOnVibe or inetra de‘s other software solutions, register here or just stop by the team of inetra de at their booth and get the hopefully last sticky notes you’ll ever need!

You’re on LinkedIn? ShareOnVibe, too!

Blogpost SOV LinkedIn Group Logo1You’re interested in ShareOnVibe, its use cases and news about it? We have started a LinkedIn page for ShareOnVibe! On this page we will provide you with interesting news, best practices from our users, use cases for ShareOnVibe and background information about our tool.
We’re also hoping for great member participation. You are welcome to share your use cases, questions, recommendations and experiences with other members of the ShareOnVibe group! We are looking forward to interesting discussions and posts!

And if you want to stay up-to-date about Novell Vibe and Filr as well, feel free to join these LinkedIn groups, too.

Answer your colleague’s phone – Vibe won’t forget to tell him!

Blogpost SOV Call Use Case Logo 1You probably know the scenario: You’re the first one to come into the office in the morning and the phone rings. You answer the call and it’s for your colleague and concerning one of his projects. You write a quick note on a piece of paper for telling your colleague later, but as it happens, work gets the better of you and you forget telling your colleague about it. In the afternoon, on a short coffee break, your colleague complains about the progress on his project being stalled because he needs some input from someone outside of the department. Suddenly you blush and remember the sticky note about the phone call from the morning … even though it is so easy to prevent situations like these!

Just take a look at our newest use case “Answering your Colleague’s Phone”, improve the flow of information and leave these embarrassing moments behind.

Novell Filr 1.1 Authorized Beta

Logo Novell reverse red großNovell is looking for participants to the Filr 1.1 Authorized Beta and we have already submitted our application. Maybe you are interested in being a participant in the Beta Program, too!
As a Beta participant you have the opportunity to test the newest Filr version and contribute to the product development with your knowledge and experience. By joining the Beta Program, you gain early insights into the newest features, technical support, and enough background knowledge to improve your abilities to perform the final roll-out into your production environment significantly.
There are several conditions to be met for an effective participation so check the article on Cool Solutions and apply.

Maybe we’ll see you there!

Happy Holidays!

 Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the year is slowly coming to an end.
We would like to thank you for the interest you have taken in our company and
for accompanying us throughout the last year – either in person at conferences and workshops,
or via our newsletters and blog posts.

We hope you have a nice holiday, a relaxed Christmas break and a happy new year!
We look forward to hearing from you again in 2014!


Facilitate reviews of your website or blog contents

Imagine you’re checking something out on your company’s website or blog and you come across some spelling mistakes, outdated information or a non-functioning video? There’s nothing easier than letting the web content mananger know via ShareOnVibe: Use a Vibe folder for your whole team, department or organizational unit that notifies the web content manager with every new entry and add that folder to your ShareOnVibe folders.

Use Case Share Spelling Error Folder en

So when you stumble across one of the aforesaid mistakes, just select the text area with your mouse and right-klick.

Use Case Share Spelling Errors Logo en

Quick Share the Selection into the designated folder or use the Share Plus option to add a comment (like “Video doesn’t work” or “Link no longer exists”). Once you have shared the text snippet into the folder, the web content manager gets a notification informing him about the new entry.

Use Case Share Spelling Error Result en

The information displayed in the entry includes not only the text snippet and your comment, but also a link to the site where the mistakes had been made. Therefore, the manager doesn’t have to search for the reported errors all over the page, but they are presented to him and the effort needed to correct them is significantly lower.

Found a spelling mistake on our website Share it with ShareOnVibe into our target practice folder.

If you like this use case for ShareOnVibe and want to check out more, you should definitely browse our Use Case section. And in case you use ShareOnVibe in a way that is not represented in that section – contact us. We would be happy to add your use case to our collection!

Something to read on a cold November day …

Since the foundation of Code and Concept in 2007, we have gained a reputation for expertise in Novell collaboration technologies like Vibe, GroupWise and Filr, and successfully completed numerous Germany- and EU-based projects. Consequently, we are regular speakers at conferences and occasionally author articles in specialist journals. Over the last years, we provided a lot of information material and articles and our work has been acknowledged in others’ publications as well. Today, we’d like to give you an overview of the literature available:

Novell Vibe

GWAVACon EMEA Sessions (09/2013):

“Business Cases for Vibe” Roundtable (Slides)
“How to do Project Management with Vibe” Hands-on Lab (Slides)

N-AWS Conference Session (09/2013):

“Novell Vibe an Hochschulen – Projektbericht von der LMU München” (Materials on Request)*

LMU Success Story of Novell Vibe and ShareOnVibe (06/2013):

Report on Novell’s homepage (Link)
Novell Success Story (pdf)
YouTube video (Link)

BrainShare Session (02/2013):

“Customer Showcase: Novell Vibe Use Cases“ (Slides)

Novell Community Chat (11/2012):

“How to move your Vibe deployment into the fast lane with the right knowledge and
the right tools” (Video)

TTP Summit – openSUSE Conference Session (10/2012):

“Vibe in 2012” (Materials on Request)*

TTP Conference EMEA Session (03/2012):

“I have Vibe! Now … What do I do with it?” (Materials on Request)*

Cool Solutions Online Article (12/2011):

“Vibe and WebDAV – a Small Analysis” (Link)

BrainShare Session (10/2011):

“Novell Vibe at LMU” (Slides)

TTP Conference USA Session (07/2011):

“Vibe OnPrem @ LMU F11” (Materials on Request)*

Article by Dr. Werner Degenhardt & Christian Giese in LANLine Magazine (04/2010):

“Praxistest: Novell Teaming 2.1 – Am Puls der Zeit” (Link)

co3-tools – ShareOnVibe and others

GWAVACon EMEA Session (09/2013):

“Pimp my Vibe: Integrate Faxing and Texting with Vibe and GroupWise!” (Slides)

GWAVACon EMEA Session (10/2012):

“ShareOnVibe the productivity booster for your Vibe platform” (Slides)

Article by Dr. Werner Degenhardt in the Open Horizons Magazine #19 (Q3 2012):

“ShareOnVibe – The Productivity Booster For Your Vibe Platform” (pdf)

Novell GroupWise

Article by Dr. Werner Degenhardt & Christian Giese in LANLine Magazine (04/2009):

“Test: Novell Groupwise 8 – Jung gebliebener Klassiker” (Link)

Novell Filr

Article by Dr. Werner Degenhardt & Christian Giese in LANLine Magazine (09/2013):

“Praxistest: Filr – Tore in die Datenfestung” (Link)
Free translation of the article into English (Link)


*Material provision attached to conditions. Please contact us for further information.

Our New Partner for Vibe and ShareOnVibe

Logo SKYPROSKyPRO is an IT consulting and software company from Switzerland that provides solutions around Novell GroupWise/SMS/Fax and Identity Management. With SKyPRO as a new partner we are going the next step in extending Vibe with long-awaited functionalities. Right now, we are uniting the technologies of SKyPRO and Code and Concept to create a product that combines their advantages in one product – it enables Vibe users to send SMS and faxes directly through Vibe forms and workflows – and therefore even via ShareOnVibe. The prototypes – SMS4Vibe and Fax4Vibe – have been presented at the GWAVACon and we are looking forward to releasing them soon.


Compatibility of ShareOnVibe with Firefox 25.x

Blogpost FF24 Logo 2As you know, Mozilla releases a new version of our favourite browser Firefox approximately every six weeks. Firefox 25.x is its newest version and after checking the compatibility, we can announce that the ShareOnVibe build 1.0.48 is supported by it.
You can find further information on the supported versions of Firefox in our system requirements. If there are any problems or unexpected behaviour of ShareOnVibe, please make sure that you got the newest version, ShareOnVibe build 1.0.48, and take a look at our FAQ & Troubleshooting section. If you notice any problems or unexpected behaviour while using ShareOnVibe, please contact us via mail or use our contact form.

Collect Information Material with your Team

Many of you already know about the section of our website that presents Use Cases for ShareOnVibe to help you during your usual work day. Today we would like to present to you the most recent use case – it has just been published. Just imagine the following:

Your IT-system has been running smoothly for the last years, but lately, more and more employees want to bring their own devices, work at home or while traveling. So your team decided to research new technologies in expert forums and websites, or on magazine homepages. Finding information is easy, but how do you aggregate it? How to make sure everybody gets the information?

Wouldn’t it be easier to gather all these articles in one folder, so the whole team knows the state of things? And is there an easier way to fill the designated blog with information than one right click and one left click? Let us show you how fast and easy you can get your newest information into your company’s Vibe site! When you find a relevant article, right click on the page you’re on and select the share option you want to use. Choose your target folder and be done!

Use Case Collection of material Logo

In your target folder, the pages you shared via ShareOnVibe are displayed with a link to the page, its title, as well as – depending on the share option you selected – comments and tags you added.

Use Case Collection of material Result

And if it’s just part of an article you need, select only the relevant passage with your mouse and share it into your target folder – the selected text will be displayed directly in the entry.

When you share a big number of pages during your research, we recommend that you tag your entries directly in ShareOnVibe’s “Share Plus”. By using Global Tags for your entries, you can filter your results later so you don’t loose track of your options.

If you like this use case for ShareOnVibe and want to check out more, you should definitely browse our Use Case section. And in case you use ShareOnVibe in a way that is not represented in that section – contact us. We would be happy to add your use case to our collection!