System Requirements

Run ShareOnVibe - here's what you need!

Compatibility of ShareOnVibe with Vibe & Mozilla Firefox
SOV Build Version
1.0.33 1.0.48 1.1.49 1.1.51
 Vibe  x – 3.4
 Vibe  4.0 – current
 Firefox  x – 21.x
 Firefox  22.x – 23.x
 Firefox  24.x – 42.x
 Firefox 43.x – current

” – ” ≙ not supported/not tested

Operating System:

ShareOnVibe, as an add-on for the Firefox browser, is independent from a specific platform. It can be used on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Vibe platform:

ShareOnVibe is built and optimized to share content into a Vibe installation. If you don’t run your own installation and want to test the add-on or try out the functionality, you can get free Vibe accounts at or at the Kablink platform (use your Novell account). You can create a Novell account here.

ShareOnVibe as a Firefox add-on is a client side solution. Therefore, no configuration on the Vibe server is necessary.

Update (May 2015)

Version Vibe 4.0 has received some modifications in interfaces and methods which makes a new, adjusted version of ShareOnVibe necessary.

To use ShareOnVibe with Vibe 4.0 or higher versions, please request ShareOnVibe’s build 1.1 or higher* by mail or via the contact form.

Please note: Due to the changes in Vibe 4.0 it is currently not possible to add target folders via the navigation tree in the Configuration dialog. We are working on a solution. Nevertheless, you can still add folders directly to the folder list in the Configuration or use the Context Menu to add target folders (right click –> addFolder Add current Folder).

Web Browser:

ShareOnVibe is built as an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The latest version of ShareOnVibe is tested and supported for the Firefox versions 43.x – 52.x.

December 2015

To use ShareOnVibe with Firefox 43 or higher versions, please request the re-signed / re-verified build number ShareOnVibe 1.1.51 or higher* by mail or via the contact form.

August 2013

To use ShareOnVibe with Firefox 22 or higher versions without issues, please request ShareOnVibe’s build 1.0.48 or higher* by mail or via the contact form.

*To see which build number of ShareOnVibe you are currently on, right-click to open the Context Menu, open Configuration and choose the “About” tab.