About ShareOnVibe

ShareOnVibe is an add-on for Firefox that makes it really easy to share content onto your Novell Vibe™ platform.

Using ShareOnVibe you are only one click away from sharing any content on the web to your colleagues, your project team, or to friends – or to save it in your personal Novell Vibe™ folders.
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Success Story at LMU Munich

“A level of productivity that was not previously imaginable”

Read about the way ShareOnVibe and Vibe changed student and staff collaboration.

The success story describes challenges, solutions and results of implementing ShareOnVibe and Vibe.

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Get ShareOnVibe

Here you can find information about licenses and get the add-on file .

There are two licensing plans for the Professional version: A Starter Pack for 5 users and the Volume license.

Having said that, try our free Trial version and see if you like ShareOnVibe!

From the Blog ...
There’s a new signed version of ShareOnVibe available for Firefox 43

There's a new signed version of ShareOnVibe available for Firefox 43

Old versions of ShareOnVibe (up to 1.1.49) have been disabled by Firefox because of changed signature regulations on behalf of Mozilla Firefox. The re-signing / re-verification of ShareOnVibe by Mozilla was successful and we have created a new version of ShareOnVibe (1.1.51) which you can use with Firefox 43 and higher without any problems.

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ShareOnVibe 1.1 is running with Novell Vibe 4.0

ShareOnVibe 1.1 is running with Novell Vibe 4.0

A new version of ShareOnVibe, the "productivity booster for your Vibe platform", is available. To use ShareOnVibe with a Vibe 4.0 installation, simply request ShareOnVibe 1.1 by mail or via contact form.

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We’re back from the Open Horizons Summit 2015

We're back from the Open Horizons Summit 2015

We had a great time at the Open Horizons EMEA Summit 2015 meeting a lot of friends, partners and members of the Open Horizons Community.

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You’re on LinkedIn? ShareOnVibe, too!

You're on LinkedIn? ShareOnVibe, too!

You're interested in ShareOnVibe, its use cases and news about it? We have started a LinkedIn group for ShareOnVibe! In this group we will provide you with interesting news, best practices from our users, use cases, and background information about our tool. Join us, be up-to-date and exchange stories with other users!

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Answer your colleague’s phone – Vibe won’t forget to tell him!

Answer your colleague's phone - Vibe won't forget to tell him!

Does this happen to you, too? You’re the first one to come into the office in the morning and the phone rings. You answer the call and it's for your colleague. You write a quick note on a piece of paper, but as it happens, work gets the better of you and you forget telling your colleague about it ... might we suggest a solution?

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