There’s a new signed version of ShareOnVibe available for Firefox 43

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 in Firefox, ShareOnVibe

After upgrading to Firefox 43 you may receive the following warning message about the deactivation of unsigned / not verified Add-ons and extensions. This includes the deactivation of ShareOnVibe.

Error message add-ons disabled

Click “Learn more” or check the status of all Firefox Add-Ons and Extensions under Tools –> Add-ons.

Old versions of ShareOnVibe (up to 1.1.49) have been disabled by Firefox because of changed signature regulations on behalf of Mozilla Firefox.

SOV disabled

The re-signing / re-verification of ShareOnVibe by Mozilla was successful and we have created a new version of ShareOnVibe (1.1.51) which you can use with Firefox 43 and higher without any problems.

SOV 1.1.51 (2)

Of course, ShareOnVibe (1.1.51) is also compatible with Vibe 4.0, as the previous version was.
Learn more about ShareOnVibe‘s system requirements and browser compatibility here.

Simply request your copy of ShareOnVibe (1.1.51) by email. We will provide every user of ShareOnVibe, who has active maintenance and support, with the XPI file for the latest version. Simply drag and drop the XPI file to your Firefox browser and restart.

You can find more information about Add-on / Extension signing and verification in Firefox here:

Find documentation, system requirements, FAQ and Use Cases for ShareOnVibe here: