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Our LANLine article is now online

As announced in our newsletter, the LANLine article on our Novell Filr “road test” with the IT group of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is available at the LANLine homepage now. We are happy to share with you our results and experiences, so if you take a look at Novell’s new product yourself, you already have background knowledge. You can find a summary of the article here, and the whole article on the LANLine homepage or in the September edition of your LANLine magazine. Links: Article summary in Code and Concept...

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Novell Vibe at LMU Munich – A Success Story with ShareOnVibe

We need a more efficient method of collaboration than email can provide. Like most modern academic institutions, LMU Munich is keen to explore new ways of sharing knowledge and supporting learning through the effective deployment of IT systems. (Dr. Werner Degenhardt, Academic Director and CIO at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at LMU Munich)   Novell’s latest Success Story describes how LMU Munich uses Novell Vibe,  Vibe Desktop, the Vibe Add-In and ShareOnVibe by Code and Concept to enhance staff and student collaboration, make administration processes more...

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Novell Vibe Success Story with LMU München and ShareOnVibe

Vibe at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München and ShareOnVibe is on board! See how online collaboration is working at one of Germany’s largest universities – and how faculty staff, IT members and students benefit from well thought-out collaboration tools. ShareOnVibe is the perfect solution for the use cases at LMU München and makes everyday’s work for researchers, IT staff and students a lot easier.  No more copy and paste, no more down- and uploading files! It really is the next piece in the enterprise collaboration puzzle. Check Novell’s YouTube channel for...

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