Firefox 57, Add-ons, and ShareOnVibe

As some of you probably have noticed, the next release of Firefox – version 57, to be released on November 14th, 2017 – will not be supporting so-called *legacy* Add-ons anymore. Only Add-ons built on WebExtensions technology will be loaded. To run legacy Add-ons, you need to run Firefox ESR, which is currently on version 52.4. However, on June 26th, 2018, the ESR branch of Firefox will be based on version 59 only, so legacy Add-ons will stop working on ESR on that date, too. Migrating legacy Add-ons to WebExtensions technology is not at all an easy task, and is almost always...

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There’s a new signed version of ShareOnVibe available for Firefox 43

After upgrading to Firefox 43 you may receive the following warning message about the deactivation of unsigned / not verified Add-ons and extensions. This includes the deactivation of ShareOnVibe. Click “Learn more” or check the status of all Firefox Add-Ons and Extensions under Tools –> Add-ons. Old versions of ShareOnVibe (up to 1.1.49) have been disabled by Firefox because of changed signature regulations on behalf of Mozilla Firefox. The re-signing / re-verification of ShareOnVibe by Mozilla was successful and we have created a new version of ShareOnVibe (1.1.51) which you can...

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