Getting started

Download, install, choose a target ... go!

Getting started with ShareOnVibe in four easy steps


1. Download

3. Choose your target folder(s)

  • Navigate to your preferred Vibe folder
  • right-click on some blank space and select “Add current folder”


2. Install the add-on file

    • Open Mozilla Firefox
    • Drag & Drop the file to your Firefox window
    • Follow the installation steps

After the installation: right-click to open the configuration and fill in your registration key here .

4. Start sharing

Now, start sharing content from the web to your Vibe target folder.

Just right click and choose

  •   “Quick Share” (content is saved in your target folder directly) or
  • “Share Plus” (choose between target folders, add tags or comments to your content).


For more documentation please see our Quick reference guide and FAQ.

You did not find an answer to your question in the documentation? Please send an email to We will be happy to help you.