ShareOnVibe Feature Comparison

Which features are available with which license?




Community (planned)

General features

Personal use

30 days max.

Commercial/Professional use

30 days max.

Share to Novell Vibe

Share to Kablink Vibe

Share to multiple Vibe servers

Support for http/https

Unlimited number of target folders


Limited support


(with maintenance subscription)

Options for sharing

Quick share to default target folder

Quick share into chosen target folder

Share Plus  (choose folder, tag, comment)

Share plus again to repeat last Share plus

Add global tags to your content

Add personal tags to your content

Add a comment to your content

Notification about successful shares

Content to share

Share web pages (URL, title, description)

Share selection layout/content oriented

Share image

Share YouTube video

Share file (PDF, .doc,…)

Share thought

More Options

History (list of links to latest shares)

3 recent shares

Open Vibe folder via direct link to Vibe

Set default target folder

Quick add/remove folder directly in Vibe

Use Firefox password storage

Import/Export/Deploy configuration settings

Remove ShareOnVibe signature

Edit ShareOnVibe signature

Get ShareOnVibe

Download & Licenses

 Trial license on request – please fill out this form Please contact our distributor inetra de for license details Free download at (planned)