Open Horizons Summit Wrap-Up

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 in Conferences, Novell Filr, Open Horizons EMEA Summit, ShareOnVibe

We had a really good time last week at the Open Horizons EMEA Summit in Budapest! It has been a fantastic event with a great selection of hotlabs on the schedule. One of the main highlights was certainly the official announcement of Novell Filr availability in one of the Novell keynotes. Filr is a professional file sharing solution for enterprises that offers mobility and security.

ShareOnVibe by co3-tools, a sponsor of the OH Summit, was presented in a hands-on Partner Hotlab called “Get to Know ShareOnVibe – an advanced introduction by the creators”. The hotlab attendees could try out their OH Summit edition immediately, and prove the productivity booster for Novell Vibe.

In addition, we spoke in two well received Collaboration Hotlabs about Novell Vibe that covered topics like fitting the platform to your requirements, finding your company’s killer use case, or creating and setting up Landing Pages in Vibe. Our hotlabs were well-attended and we want to thank our attendees for the positive feedback!

Would you like to make a guess who won the GroupWise Troubleshooting Contest? Yes, it is Team ShareOnVibe – thanks to Giggi, Tommy and Patrick who joined our team and got the prize!

It was fun meeting everyone from the Open Horizons community at the summit and we had a fantastic time in Budapest!


Click on the image to view the slide-show from th Open Horizons summit in Budapest: