Make your choice for your sessions and hotlabs at the OH Summit

Posted on Apr 8, 2013 in Conferences, Novell Vibe, Open Horizons EMEA Summit, ShareOnVibe

Hotlab voting has finished, the session list is ready! Now make your selection and choose your hotlabs for the Open Horizons summit in Budapest.

Click here for the hotlab registration

Do not miss the ShareOnVibe Partner Hotlab “LAB P05 Get to Know ShareOnVibe – an advanced introduction by the creators” (Tuesday, April 16th, 2:00-5:30 PM, room “Arpad”)

and the two Collaboration Hotlabs by Code and Concept:
“LAB C06 Vibe – Landing Pages” (Wednesday, April 17th, 9:00-12:30 AM, room “Istvan”) and
“LAB C14 Fitting Novell Vibe to Your Requirements – find your own special use cases, and get started!” (Wednesday, April 17th, 2:00-5:30 PM, room “Erzsébet B”)

Here’s a preview on the hotlab content:

LAB P05: Get to Know ShareOnVibe – an advanced introduction by the creators

ShareOnVibe by co3tools is a browser add-on that lets you drop information directly into Vibe from your browser – no more copy and paste of text, no more download and upload of images and files from the web into Vibe. You can share not only web content, but also drop your thoughts and tasks into Vibe in less time than it takes to write them down – finally the virtual sticky note is here! The brains behind co3tools will show you how to get the most out of Vibe with ShareOnVibe
and your personal use case. The participants of this lab configure their own full 1-year version of ShareOnVibe to take home for boosting their Vibe productivity!

LAB C06: Vibe – Landing pages

Landing pages are what your users will see of the Vibe environment. This session will take you through tips and tricks for creating these windows on your system. You have a shiny new installation of Vibe. How do you get your users and teams up and running as quickly as possible? How do you easily build flexible and workable Vibe spaces? You’ll set up landing pages and create team and project workspaces to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

LAB C14: Fitting Novell Vibe to Your Requirements – find your own special use cases, and get started!

Often, it is hard to find the foot that fits the shoe. Vibe is a great tool that offers a lot of hidden gems besides landing pages and forms. In this hands-on lab, the guys from Code and Concept will help you find the killer use case for Vibe in your organization and show you the best way to approach the solution not only with the great functionality of Novell Vibe, but also with the whole ecosystem of Novell Vibe, GroupWise, Data Synchronizer, Vibe Desktop, the Vibe Add-In and ShareOnVibe. The Vibe part of these solutions will be built live in this lab.